Our Trainers

Brain AzarianBrian Azarian

Level-1 Stick Mobility Certified
200-hr CYT

Fitness is a lifestyle. I’m here to share it, promote it and teach it. Descending from a strong background in sports, I learned what it meant to compete at a very early age. Not only against other teams or players but against myself. It wasn’t until college where my passion for health and fitness truly took off and initiated my quest in becoming a faster, stronger, smarter athlete. Progressing in any activity is highly rewarding and motivating- doing things that were once impossible and understanding the science behind these improvements in performance is what pushes me to learn and progress everyday. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with a wide array of tremendous people in the past 7 years, ranging from youth hockey players and college level/semi-pro athletes, to the 60 year old golf enthusiast looking to add 10 yards to his drive and feel better overall. Adapting to this lifestyle is a life changing experience and it allows one to discover more about themselves than they ever knew, revealing a higher quality of life. Changing lives is the driving force behind doing what I do, it’s a way of paying it forward and offering the world a better future.

Stephanie TempleStephanie Temple

200-hr CYT
L-1 Stick Mobility Certified 

Movement is the key to health. As a movement specialist, I have tried my hand at a variety of different training modalities over the years. The few that have really made an impact on my life are yoga, bodybuilding, powerlifting and mountain biking, but as I explore the limitations of my body the list keeps growing! It’s constant learning and adaptation to change that has allowed me to help a wide variety of clientele, ranging from weight loss to injury prevention to recovery and rehabilitation. From the 50 year old  looking to lose inches or pounds to the student athlete looking to improve efficiency and skill in their sport, it is my job to keep you moving as efficiently as possible for as long as you can. I love doing what I do, but more importantly I have a passion for seeing people make accomplishments they never imagined possible!