Group Training

Basic Training

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Experience the attention you deserve! Basic Training classes are limited to 8 people, allowing for more individualized focus.  These 60 minute workouts are designed to build muscle, burn fat, increase awareness and athleticism, while elevating your metabolic rate. This is an upbeat group exercise program that focuses on functional exercises and athletic crossover drills, geared to the general population. Basic Training is a great way to sample our training programs and supplement 1-on-1 sessions, in order to keep moving everyday. Reserve your spot online at

$25 (drop in)
$200 (10 classes)
$500 Combo Pack (5 personal sessions + 10 group classes)

Middle School Open Gym

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This fun-filled group training workout is specifically designed for kids to learn the basics of living an active lifestyle through games and activities that get them moving in all directions. Learning the importance of exercise and healthy eating at an early age is key to establishing good habits for years to come!

2017 Pricing – call for pricing

Student Athlete Training

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Gain the edge over the competition. Student Athlete Training is open to all middle school and high school athletes of all sports, focusing on dynamic exercises to improve; speed, agility, power and coordination in a group training setting.

2017 Pricing – call for pricing