About Rock Hard Training

What We Do

At Rock Hard Training LLC we help our personal training clients change their lives. Forming new, healthy habits, discovering self-empowerment, and gaining eminent knowledge on nutrition and functional exercise are all key components to transforming the human body. We teach our personal training clients how to live a more healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

How We Do It

When it comes to exercise, our philosophy is simple… personal training to reach the optimal function for your lifestyle. We achieve this through a process that first focuses on proper functional movement patterns and total body mobility, stability and flexibility. A personal training curriculum deriving from athletic training, yoga, power lifting, and cutting-edge functional training help you develop: strength, endurance, cardio capacity and an elevated metabolic rate. The greatest change is not only seen in physical appearance- you build confidence, self-esteem, mental fortitude and experience the effects of positive thinking as you discover your power within. Our personal training aims to progress and improve wellness each and every day- life was meant to be enjoyed to the fullest extent.